Pump Station Stormwater Management Plan and Design

Pump Station Stormwater Management Plan and Design

South Africa, Free State, Sasolburg

Project Duration
Stormwater management plan – 1 month
Stormwater management design – 1 month

Project Scope

The Natref pump station is situated at a low point close to a spring. During rain events, the stormwater runoff runs in the road down to the pump station flooding It. The client requested to develop a stormwater management plan and design to re-direct the water away from the pump station to stop occasional flooding.

Project challenges
– Obtaining layouts of the area
– Unsecure and unsafe working area
– Cost constraints
– Use of in situ materials


– Do a diligent site walk and investigation to understand the terrain
– Survey the terrain to develop the contour profile 
– Developed three solutions to manage the stormwater runoff
– Provide the client with the best and most cost-effective solution
– Develop a design according to the solution
– Construction according to design with in-situ material provided by the client
– No more flooding occurred