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TRUST & VALUE – Over 85% of our clients choose to work with us beyond the completion of their first project.
We are frequently requested to get involved in the early stages of a project scope, to help minimise costly technical oversights.

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EC Engineering Manufacturing

Established in 1994 in Johannesburg to primarily involved in mining engineering and particularly the smelter industry with a focus on the anodes used in the smelters where a solution to the limited life span of these anodes was developed that extended the life span tenfold, and the evidence is relevant in the life improvement over the last 25 years.

EC Engineering Construction

EC Engineering Construction (Pty) Ltd has a strong passion for building, the relevant qualification and a determination to succeed, we set out to create a construction company that would be recognised for a high level of quality, and a strong work ethic and would offer services to the communities in dire need of infrastructure development, communities that they grew up knowing and identified with.

EC Water Engineering

EC Water Engineering (Pty) Ltd was born out of our passion for Water Engineering and Farming. We realised that water is such a vital part and critical element of farming that he sees himself with the company as the partner to farming that can find and develop the use of water in farming to its optimum and most efficient use of this commodity.

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